Do I Need to Pay More For Direct Fit Car Mats?

Up to 80% of cars we have looked at do not require that you purchase a direct fit mat to replace your worn out factory carpeted car mat. The video above from Posh Pile Luxury Car Mats shows visually how you can tell if you need a direct fit mat or not. Usually the deciding factor is the accelerator or gas pedal. If it is floor mounted , like on many German cars such as the new Golf, many BMW  and Mercedes Benz models, you will have  to spend more to get a direct fit mat. But if you drive a US, Korean, or Japanese model, chances are you can buy a universal carpet car mat and it will work just fine.

Posh Pile has a selector chart mechanism on the Posh Pile website  It can help you know for sure if a universal mat will work for your car or truck.

When you look for rubber car mats, some companies have begun offering car mats that can be trimmed so that they can fit the majority of cars on the road, even those with floor mounted gas pedals.

Watch this blog for more facts on what makes a better rubber mat, differences in carpet mat materials and construction, and even how to clean and maintain your car mats.