Rubber Car Mat Test


This video has been on You Tube for about 5 years. It shows how easy some ‘rubber’ mats can be to tear. These mats look be PVC and are typical of low cost mats you find in Latin America and the Middle East. Often mats that look like these also come with a strong odor that in many cases never goes away.

An impoortant note about PVC:  did you know it is seldom recycled because the cost of new PVC is lower that the cost of recycled PVC?  Also Nissan, Honda, and Toyota banned it from use in their interiors in 2007. In Europe there are regulations about importing PVC car mats because of health and safety concerns.

Next time you are shopping for rubber car mats, give them the ‘tear test’ in the video below. If they are easy to tear with your hands, you should select a better mat!