How to Clean Carpet Car Mats

This is a frequently asked question: How can I clean my carpeted car mats?


The best way we have found  to clean car mats well is by using a high quality automotive carpet cleaner. Be careful not to get your car mats and carpets too wet, unless you can dry them in the sun. Wet car mats can grow mold and mildew. An excellent tip from the professionals is to use a pre-washed 100% cotton towels to scrub and blot the mats after applying the the carpet cleaner. This does an amazing job of transferring the dirt from your mats to the cotton towels. You can see this method illustrated in this video from Posh Pile:



Be careful not to scrub your car mats or carpets too aggressively with a scrub brush. When your car mats become difficult to clean, it could be time to replace them.