Part 1: Posh Pile Guide for Carpet Car Mats

When upgrading or replacing your carpeted car mats, many people get confused if their car needs direct fit or universal car mats. This guide has tips from the experts to help you get the very best carpet car mat to fit your needs. Why pay the extra money for direct fit mats when now you can have the very best quality universal mats, and save money?

Let’s get started. One of the most frequently asked questions is:

Do I need universal or direct fit mats for my car? 

The truthful answer is: it depends.

The reason is:

*If you have a car with a floor mounted accelerator pedal like a Mini or most BMWs, then you need a direct fit mat. (Over 80% of today’s cars have the accelerator, brake pedal, and clutch hanging from dashboard so universal mats with the right ‘cut’ can fit most cars nicely).

*If you have a sports or supercar like a Mazda RX-8, a Porsche, or a Ferrari, then you need a direct fit mat.

*If you have a typical 2 or 4 door passenger car, more likely than not, a universal mat will fit your car and save you anywhere from 30-80% compared with the cost of a direct fit mat from a car dealer. (We know because we recently paid more than US$220 for mats from the dealer for a prestigious German car and they were not nearly up to the quality of our Posh Pile 5th Avenue mat).

Posh Pile™ Universal Mats in 2010 Buick LaCrosse

Posh Pile™ Direct Fit Mats for 2005-2012 Mercedez Benz S-Class

(Hanging gas pedal)

Stay Tuned Fits 2005-2009 Opel Astra, Holden, Saturn Astra

5th Avenue Fits 2001-2012 Toyota Corolla

(Floor-mounted gas pedal)

5th Avenue Direct Fit Mat Fits 2001-2005 Mini Cooper

This You Tube videowill help you understand the best application of direct versus universal car mats. Also we have a complete car/truck application guide on the left side of our website:

How do you know if Posh Pile mats will fit your car? 

Posh Pile has an application guide which can be found on their website ( and our eBay listings.  As of this writing, our universal mats fit over 88% of the cars tested.

Please understand that universal mats are designed to fit the majority of passenger cars. As such, they are a compromise and in some cases they can be a bit narrower than the original factory mat.

While designing Posh Pile™ we conducted research on hundreds of cars to take measurements of every aspect of the cars’ floor plan including: pedal placement, cabin width and length, seat track, and much more. The result is a uniquely shaped mat that fits the vast majority of all cars, trucks and SUV’s.

5th Avenue

  • Exclusive tufted premium posh carpet pile
  • Exclusive woven edge
  • Waterproof
  • Long wearing nylon heel pad
  • UV stain resistant
  • Supreme 5th Avenue Design
  • Full TPR rubber backing