Part 2: Posh Pile Guide to Carpet Car Mats

How should I clean my carpet mats? 

Use any quality automotive grade carpet cleaner. We recommend a pre-washed 100% terry cotton towel (new towels have sizing that make them less absorbent) to blot dirty carpet mats. It is amazing if you have quality mats, a good carpet cleaner, and cotton towels how much dirt will transfer directly from the mat to the towel. We have a highly watched Posh Pile carpet mat cleaning video on You Tube.

How often should carpeted floor mats be replaced? 

Many car manufacturers require the factories that make their mats to last for 12 months. We find demanding car owners will replace those mats one year after they get their new car because they want to keep their interior looking its very best.

What do consumers think?

Posh Pile conducted consumer research; and here are the results about car mat user experiences and preferences from the survey.

I buy my car mats at:

  • Major retailers/chains                                  60%
  • Auto accessory shops                                 40%
  • Car dealers                                                    0%

How long did the mats that came with your car last?

  • Less than one year                                           4%
  • 1-2 years                                                         23%
  • 2-4 years                                                         32%
  • More than 4 years                                           41%

59% of all cars need car mats within 4 years

The mats that came with my car are:

  • Just right                                                         33%
  • Too thin                                                           29%
  • Wearing out too fast                                        29%
  • Not protective enough                                     4.5%
  • Get dirty too easy                                            4.5%

67% of car owners are dissatisfied!

What mats do you use:

  • Carpet mats                                                   55%
  • Both carpet and rubber                                  30%
  • Rubber mats                                                  15%

30% of owners use multiple mats

5th AvenueTM

  • Exclusive tufted premium posh carpet pile
  • Exclusive woven edge
  • Waterproof
  • Long wearing nylon heel pad
  • UV stain resistant
  • Supreme 5th Avenue Design
  • Full TPR rubber backing

Pacific Coast HighwayTM

  • Exclusive needle punch posh carpet pile
  • Deluxe woven edge
  • Water proof
  • Long wearing nylon heel pad
  • UV stain resistant
  • Great value for money

Stay TunedTM

  • Exclusive tufted premium posh carpet pile
  • Exclusive woven edge
  • Waterproof
  • Long wearing nylon heel pad
  • UV stain resistant
  • Super sound deadening design