Part 3: Posh Pile Guide to Carpet Car Mats

What is a heel pad?

A heel pad is a rubber, vinyl, or woven pad designed to sit on the floor under the driver’s heel to protect the mat while driving.


The motion of accelerating, braking, and using the clutch can very quickly wear out carpets or floor mats as the driver’s heel digs into the pile. Posh Pile refuses to use less expensive vinyl or rubber heel pads, instead opting for the highest quality woven nylon material.

What is the difference between a 4 and 5 piece car mat set? 

A 5 piece set includes a carpet piece to either cover the hump between the two rear mats or fill the gap.

Many enthusiasts like the 5th piece because they feel it adds interior refinement.

What about the car mat backing material?   

Just like the pad under the carpet in your home, the backing of your car mat plays an important role in the life of your mat. Inexpensive mats use PVC backing. It can actually shatter in sub-zero temperatures. Honda, Toyota, and Nissan banned PVC about 5 years ago from their interiors due to health concerns.  We are a big fan of TPR (Thermoplastic rubber). It combines the high and low temperature flexibility of real rubber, but does not have a strong odor like many natural or recycled rubber compounds.


Look for a backing with a good non-slip surface like the spikes on this 5TH Avenue mat above.

Why are sewn edges important? 

Sewn edges quite simply complete the look of the mat. Inexpensive mats use taped edges.