Rubber Car Mats Can Save your Life

No lie.

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In a Storm Emergency Rubber Car Mats Can Save Your Life

By Leanna Teague


  • Rubber car mats can protect you and your vehicle windshields from hail.
  • Rubber car mats can shield against lightning strikes.
  • Rubber car mats can provide insulation from chills.
An umbrella can offer some protection if you have one but when you need to get from Point A to Point B during a hailstorm you need something that can bounce and roll or bounce and drop hail away.  Do not risk exposure to large hail if possible. It can kill you. Stay put if protected or seek shelter.
A rubber car mat or a regular rubber house mat even a rubber trash can or container such as the kind that the brand “Rubber Maid” makes can turn into emergency hail protectors. Hold them over your head baring as little of your fingers as possible so hail doesn’t hit them. Chances are if you are out and about in your vehicle you won’t have a rubber trash can to hide under but you have a higher probability of having car mats. Hopefully those car mats are made of rubber. If they aren’t you may want to consider changing your mats.
Not only can rubber car mats protect you from hail but they can also protect your windshield. Available rubber mats in your vehicle can be placed on your front windshield and held by your wipers. The wipers could buckle under the pressure of the mats and break with or without high wind. Mats on the back windshield may be held in place under the weight of rocks if there are any that are heavy enough to hold them down. Rocks could scratch paint or break the windshield. Rolling the windows partially down just enough to poke the mats through so that the mats will hang over them will give protection of side windows. Windows could break, snap, bend or derail under the pressure of the mats.
Other protective uses for rubber car mats are as follows:
Rubber car mats can shield against lightning strikes just like rubber tires if you find yourself out in the open. Make yourself as low to the ground as possible and cover yourself with the mats. Hold on to the mats so they don’t blow away.Rubber car mats can provide insulation from the chill of rains, snow and cold air. Not only if you hold them over you but from stuffing them inside of clothing where they can help keep you from getting wet or block the cold air.Protection against flying debris during a tornado or a windstorm may be as yet another offering of what the rubber car mat is capable of since it has durability and the flexibility needed to withstand the wear and tear of pounding feet.
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