Posh Pile Product of the Week 6/20/12: Posh Pile Universal MPV Mats

Universe, I present a tough question today:

Is there such a thing as a direct fit universal mat?

The short answer: Well . . .maybe!

We got calls every day to make carpet car mats for the Toyota Alphard and Nissan Elgrand.  These are the large Japanese luxury MPV’s that have become so popular in Asia.  With the Alphard alone, there are 5 different seating configurations!

So rather than load you and your retailers up with stock, we decided to do what the clear plastic mat guys do (the luxury van owner’s only other alternative);  create a universal 2nd and 3rd row mat with the Posh Pile difference!

What is it:

Posh Pile Universal MPV 2nd Row Mat


Part # 02007 (Grey)

Part # 02008 (Black)

Part # 02009 (Tan)

Thick plush carpet mats in a great design that fit most MPV / people movers.  These mats are designed to be easy to clean while having luxurious pile and full waterproof rubber spiked backing.

Posh Pile Universal MPV 3rd Row Mat

Part # 03007 (Grey)

Part # 03008 (Black)

Part # 03009 (Tan)

Rectangle designed plush 3rd row universal mat designed to fit most MPV’s

Posh Pile Universal Trunk / Boot Mat

Part # 090678 (Black)

A heavier duty alternative for the 3rd row / cargo area.  One of these mats can be trimmed to both the 3rd row and cargo area of Alphard and Velfire MPV’s

Why you need it:

Protect your beautiful vehicle from rain, dirt, and spills.  Make your luxurious MPV even more luxurious.

Who uses it:   

Car guys, car enthusiasts, professional drivers, executives

What about the front seats?

We recommend using Weather Fortress Two Piece Front Mats for the first row.

How to fit a trunk mat in an MPV:

Step 1:  Measure the space

Step 2:  Get scissors, razor knife, Gorilla tape (for reinforcement around seating tracks)

Step 3:  Cut around edges and seat mounts

Step 4:  Final Trimming

Step 5:  Job Done.  Ready to haul!

How does it work:

Check out our videos:

Can I get more information:

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Go after the lucrative luxury MPV market with Posh Pile today!

And of course– stay posh, you awesome readers!

-Tom Muldowney