Posh Pile Product of the Week 7/18/12: 5th Avenue Car Mats

Hey readers!

Our product of the week for this week is our signature product:  Posh Pile 5th Avenue car mats.

This product, 5th Avenue, coined the phrase:  Ultimate Luxury.

What is it:       

Posh Pile 5th Avenue 5 Piece Universal Mats

Right Hand Drive (RHD)            Left Hand Drive (LHD)

Part # 80507 (Grey)                   Part # 81507 (Grey)

Part # 80508 (Black)                  Part # 81508 (Black)

Part # 80509 (Tan)                     Part # 81509 (Tan)

5th Avenue Car Mats:

* rubber waterproof non-skid backing for long dependable life

* the thickest luxurious posh carpet pile

* premium long wearing nylon heel pad

* high quality woven edges

* UV and stain resistant

Why do you need it:

5th Avenue is for the person who prefers carpet mats and wants something better than the mats that came with their car or truck.

Who uses it:

Any car owner, car guys, car enthusiasts, 5 star hotels in Bangkok and Macau (for their hotel cars)

What 5th Avenue customers say:

What does it include:

2 front mats and 3 rear mats (including one to cover the hump).

How does it work:

How should we clean the mats?

5th Avenue is made of special pile that is inherently stain and soil resistant.  We recommend using a quality automotive carpet cleaner and blotting your mats clean with prewashed 100% cotton terry towels.

Watch this highly rated YouTube video to see how:

And this one to see an interesting way of washing your carpet car mat:

Where can I get more information?

Download the sellsheet

5th Avenue Photo Gallery

Posh Pile 5th Avenue Black Fits 2012 Audi Q7

Posh Pile 5th Avenue Black Fits 2012 Cadillac XTS

Posh Pile 5th Avenue Grey Fits 2012 GMC Terrain

Posh Pile 5th Avenue Black Fits 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

Posh Pile 5th Avenue Grey Fits 2012 Hyundai Equus

Call to Action:

5th Avenue is in stock for immediate shipping!  Order today!

Stay Posh.

-Tom Muldowney